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Bulk Milk Coolerss

Designed for use in ambient temperature up to 50°C with laser-welded evaporator plates providing full surfaces for heat transfer.

Bulk milk coolers are used extensively for cooling milk at the collection point, thus maintaining the quality of milk. These are hygienic, easy to use and available in various sizes. Bulk milk coolers are available in various configuration like direct expansion, indirect cooling using chiller water, etc. Direct expansion bulk milk coolers are accepted as more reliable,efficient and consume less energy for cooling milk.

These are designed and manufactured as per ISO specifications adopted in different countries. The bulk milk coolers have condensing units suitable for R22, R404, R134a or R407c refrigerants. These bulk milk coolers are available in open and closed type construction and in rectangular, circular, cylindrical or hemispherical designs.
Systems and equipment on offer
Open type in capacity of 500 liters to 3,000 liters
Cylindrical shape closed type bulk milk cooler in capacity
3,000 liters to 10,000 liters
Auto cleaning units
Servo voltage stabilizer
Digital dip stick, load cells
Hot water generator system for cleaning
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